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Open PhD position

A Ph.D. position (#phdposition) is available (1.10.2022) at the Chair of Inorganic Materials Chemistry of the University of Cologne with a focus on the development of theragenerative micro and nanoporous biomaterials for drug delivery and bone tissue engineering applications. The applicant should possess a strong background in polymer or materials chemistry, and a very good hands-on skill in hydrogel and porous materials fabrication. Experience in microfluidics and 3D printing approaches as well as surface modification of nanoparticles, and physicochemical characterization techniques is desired. Previous experience in cellular assays and biological characterization of nanomaterials would be an asset.

If you have the above-mentioned qualification with a strong team-playing mindset, high creativity, and willingness to work in international and highly dynamic teams, please write to the undermentioned persons with your CV, certificates, transcript of records, and motivation letter. 

Dr. Homa Maleki (h.malekiSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de) and Prof. Sanjay Mathur (mathursSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de).

Bachelor and Master Theses


I have interesting opportunities for Bachelor and Master thesis projects as well as P-Module projects throughout the academic year. Don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

Master Thesis: Fabrication of porous biomimetic 3D hybrid scaffold for bone tissue engineering

Master's thesis on fabrication of bio-mimetic porous inorganic-organic hybrid materials for bone tissue engineering is offered to highly motivated students.

Bone tissue engineering (BTE) is an alternative approach to current therapies available for severe bone defects with poor manifestations of self-regeneration. Accomplishment of BTE needs three-dimensional (3D) templates (scaffolds) of appropriate morphology and chemical characteristics to imitate the extracellular matrix (ECM) and allow cells to migrate, attach, grow, proliferate, and differentiate.

In this project, the focus is to develop a series of multi component antibacterial porous 3D scaffold constructs through combination of bio-inspired processing and microextrusion based 3D printing techniques. 

Interested applicants are invited to send their application including CV as well as a cover letter to h.maleki@uni-koeln.de

Please send your application documents as one PDF file

Equal opportunities applied for female and male applicants.