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P-Modul: Biological and Bio-inspired Materials - Summer semester 2021


Dr. Maleki is currently covering several compulsory and elective courses at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry according to table indicate below. 


Main Lecturer - Biological and Bio-inspired Materials, University of Cologne/ Germany (2 SWS)


Shared Lectureship: Advanced Porous Materials-Aerogels (2 SWS)


Shared lectureship - Chemical nanotechnology, University of Cologne/ Germany

 (2 SWS)

2020 – present

Shared lectureship - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, University of Cologne/ Germany (4 SWS)

2020, 2022

Experimental Inorganic Chemistry (MN-C-E-AC, 14816.1118)

Shared lecture, Support of student’s practical work